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Children’s Dentistry

Our golden rule and highest priority for children’s visits to Roseville Avenue Dental is that the visit is stress free and a positive experience. This will lead to a lifetime of relaxed dental visits, so unlike past generations of kids!

Did you realise your child could be eligible for $1,000 of free dental benefits? Click here to learn more about the Child Dental Benefits Scheme, an Australian government initiative.

To achieve this we recommend young children accompany their older siblings or parents to help them become accustomed to the environment. Their first visit may only be playing with toys in the surgery while another family member is treated. Children often have a ride in the chair at this stage, and even have their teeth checked. The visit will always end with a balloon and a sticker!

By the age of 4 we should be able to comfortably check their teeth, and by 5 be able to clean their teeth, so that by 6 comfortable enough to have fluoride applied to their first permanent molars.

During the primary school years the emphasis is on keeping the baby teeth healthy and functional, so that the space for the permanent teeth is maintained. During this time and on in to the teenage years our major goal is to keep the permanent teeth decay free, through 6 monthly dental check-ups when the teeth are cleaned, fluoride applied, and better brushing technique is offered if necessary.

If the permanent teeth have particularly deep grooves and fissures they are more susceptible to decay. So in this case we will apply fissure sealants to prevent decay.

We will also monitor the child’s jaw growth and bite, and if required will recommend orthodontics.